Work deeper with your clients, start a new purpose-driven career and become a confident hypnosis practitioner.

Professional Hypnosis Training & Certification with Hypno Heather


October 8 - December 2
Back by popular demand!


Join Hypno Heather in the next round of her interactive live & online hypnosis event starting again soon!

Use hypnosis to tap into the innate wisdom within us all and help others heal & succeed while creating a career as a confident hypnosis practitioner. This course is a practical, hands-on approach for creating extraordinary results. 


Imagine having a purpose-driven business where everyday you have the opportunity to share your wisdom, personally transform & grow as you help others do the same. 

Your tuition includes these extras!!!

Full access to Heather’s Resource Drive
✨A video library from the ICBCH
✨ Your first year’s membership with the ICBCH
✨Digital access to three PDF books
✨Heather’s curated 222 page supplemental manual with theories & techniques that she found to be successful over the years.

Denise Blascovich

“This was an incredible experience for me. I really wasn’t sure what I was getting into as I’ve never had any personal experience with it, so it was phenomenal. I loved it!"

Come away from this comprehensive training with the hands-on ability to start helping people without having to keep taking more courses and spending more money to be ready and confident.

Important Information

Participation is really important. Plan to be there for all of the live sessions. This is how you will get the most out of your training and build the confidence to leave and to immediately start helping others with hypnosis. If you have a valid reason to miss one or two of the live sessions, let me know and we can arrange homework so that you can still get your certification.

All of the Friday live online training sessions will be recorded and available for you immediately in the private facebook group and permanently in the membership.

This is a 100 hour hybrid certification course with video instruction, live online instruction & practice with a 20 hour practicum as your exam in order to be awarded certification with the ICBCH.

 Every Saturday, you will be granted access to videos, resources and bonus material.

Then, we will meet every Friday for a live class held on Zoom and practice with each in wonderful Zoom breakout rooms where Heather can pop in and observe to offer feedback!

Space is limited to 12 participants to keep the learning space intimate & focused on the transformation and absorption of material for all those involved.


Brayden Obed

"In the class you will learn more than just how to use hypnosis. You will also learn how to create a better connection with clients to create better results.  It has given me tools to use with athletes with mental issues with fear or confidence. Therefore giving me confidence in my ability to help them."

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I want to change my life now!

The video portion of the class (Week One) comes to your inbox AS SOON AS YOU ENROLL! Week 2 and the rest will be delivered to your inbox and available every Saturday starting October 22nd, 2022.

And we will meet together for live interactive training and practice every Saturday for 8 weeks for 3 hours at a time.

Every Saturday at 11 AM - 2PM Saskatchewan time/ 12 PM - 3 PM Eastern
October 22nd  to December 10th, 2022

*All times are Mountain Standard time based on Saskatchewan, Canada time.

For those in other places in Canada and around the world:
Toronto, Canada - 1:00pm
Denver, USA - 11:00am
British Columbia, Canada - 10:00am
Scotland and UK - 6:00pm

Who Is This For?

This course is for anyone that wants to make a difference & help improve the lives of others. The personal benefits are phenomenal too!


Whether you want to improve and deepen the work you are already doing with clients or you are looking to venture out on your own with a purpose-driven business of helping others, 

hypnosis training is your ticket to enhancing your work, transforming your life while helping to heal the world. 


Past Graduates Include


  • Holistic practitioners 
  • Psychologists
  • Counsellors 
  • Coaches 
  • Teachers 
  • Retirees
  • Business Professionals
  • Government Workers 
  • Massage Therapists
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • University Students 
  • Consulting Hypnotists 
  • Social Workers 
  • Store Managers 
  • Yoga and Dance Teachers 
  • Martial Arts Teachers 
  • Hair Salon Owners & Stylists
  • Moms & Dads
  • Farmers 
  • Healers 
  • Small Business Owners 
  • Fitness Trainers & Coaches 
  • Medicine Women
  • Indigenous Leaders 

Join the next class to get the skills you need to start helping people heal with hypnosis!

Starting October 22nd, 2022

Please check the dates at the top of this page for scheduling and participation details.

$5300 $3890 is your full tuition for the course and digital access to materials.


Save 1410 CAD!!

Class is limited to 12 participants.

EARLY BIRD | One Payment

$3890 CAD



EARLY BIRD | Payment Plan Available

$649 CAD


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Course Details & Areas of Focus

      Hypnosis Essentials

  • Receive a lot of hypnosis - so you know what it feels like to keep going deeper with each time and what it will be like for your clients
  • The power of your subconscious mind 
  • Conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind
  • Rapport & the perfect pre-talk for 100 x’s greater success
  • What is hypnosis?
  • Induction techniques 
  • History of hypnosis 
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Progressive relaxation and proof of hypnosis
  • Suggestion management 
  • Imagination exercises for suggestibility
  • Practical hints for hypnotic induction 
  • Ericksonian hypnosis & trance utilization 
  • Authoritarian and permissive induction techniques
  • ​Posthypnotic suggestion
  • Proof of hypnosis
  • ​Trance depth and deepening techniques
  • Hypnosis for smoking cessation, food/weight well-being, stress reduction and more 
  • Guided imagery/visualization 
  • Emotions - feel to heal
  • ​Confidence building 
  • ​Releasing and dissolving techniques 
  • Pain management
  • Ethics & scope of practice
  • Contextual psychology
  • The Law of Attraction And Hypnosis
  • Audio visual and kinesthetic learning 
  • Live, in-class demos

      Advanced Hypnosis 

  • Age regression, healing the child within
  • Betty Erickson and her self hypnosis technique
  • Rapport and sacred space setting for deep healing
  • ​Ideomotor responding for root cause discovery, getting answers and confirmation of work done for you and the client 
  • Client conversations to help pinpoint more accurately what really needs to be worked on in hypnosis 
  • Law of attraction and hypnosis
  • Mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis
  • Forgiveness, loving kindness & ho'oponopono
  • ​Hypnosis for anxiety, fears and phobias
  • Points to add to any script to make it work
  • Business & practice management 
  • Beyond scripts and into techniques and flows
  • Super Session Plan: 7 steps to use for every session to be super successful 
  • The Hypno Heather Flow to use intuition to go from any client need, script or technique and let your imagination fly!

"Hi! I am Heather Keys of Hypno Heather and Trainer & Mentor of Hypnosis Practitioners, Superconscious Mind Coach, and overall lover of going far beyond what we think is possible."

Heather Keys has been practicing hypnotherapy since 2011, created the brand Hypno Heather in 2014 and has had a full-time practice serving over a thousand clients since. She has established herself as a leading force in the world of hypnosis and is accredited for building a sustainable, successful practice in Saskatchewan, Canada and now, online.

She began training others in hypnotherapy and hypnosis in 2014 and has since certified over 200 students, founded The Saskatchewan Institute of Hypnotherapy and The Saskatchewan Chapter of Hypnotherapists and created an industry of hypnosis in Saskatchewan from the ground up. This industry & reputation now serves as a huge benefit for her students to build their own successful practices.

Helping hypnotherapists make a healthy income from their passion to help others with hypnosis is Heather’s passion and purpose. She brings the awe and massive respect she has for hypnosis and its life changing capacity to every talk, presentation, TV news show, interview, magazine article she writes, her training classes, coaching group and with each individual client.

She has participated in many conferences and presented at the Canadian Hypnosis Conference and will be presenting at Hypnothoughts Live this year too!


She created Momentum (now the Hypnosis Healers Club!) in the summer of 2020 as those members in her 2 month mentoring group didn't want it to end and neither did she! It became an ongoing, weekly live meet up where she presents and coaches on all things hypno-business & hypno sessions. 

Once you are at the halfway point of Hypnosis Essentials, you will be eligible to join for all of the support you need to build a thriving hypnosis business from the ground up!!



  • NGH Certified Hypnotherapist
  • ICBCH Certified Instructor of Hypnosis
  • NGH Certified International Instructor of Hypnotism
  • Trained in Advanced Simpson Protocol
  • 3 Principles Coach trained by Kai Jordan Coaching
  • Certificate in Advanced Hypnosis from The Calgary Hypnosis Academy
  • Certificate in Hypnosis for Weight Loss from the New England Institute of Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Nutrition from The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing
  • Certificate in Fasting and Cleansing from The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing
  • Certified HypnoBirthing® Fertility Consultant with The HypnoBirthing® Institute
  • Certified in Level One and Level Two Reiki


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I want to become a hypnosis practitioner!

Heather Keys is a hands-on experienced hypnotherapist and teaches from the ground up, first from experience and then from book & course knowledge. She started seeing clients as soon as she was trained in 2011 by Advanced Hypnosis Calgary and went full time with her practice in 2013 and hasn’t stopped since. 


Many courses fall short on the proclamation that you will leave with the confidence to go ahead and start hypnotizing and helping others, however, Heather offers the Super Session Plan: 7 steps to use for every session to be super successful. This is a sure-fire way to know what to do every time, go off-script with confidence and ensure results that will have your client sending you referrals for years to come!


She believes in and cultivates community over competition. ‘Your success is a success for all’ is her motto and looks forward to supporting you on your hypnosis journey. 

If you are already trained in hypnosis but looking to get more experience through practice hours, go beyond scripts and belong to a community excited for your success, this course might be right for you!  


Wondering about online vs in-person hypnosis?

In March 2020, Heather Rodriguez went from a fully in-person practice to 100% online client sessions and training classes like many other hypnosis practitioners around the world. Before that, clients were often hesitant to do hypnosis sessions online and all of her classes were in-person.


Since then, folks have really embraced online (as we have had to!) but have also appreciated the convenience and comfort of having a session from the comfort of their own home. With many people still working from home, stopping for a mental health/relaxation break is not only needed but enjoyed.


Aside from not being able to use touch, everything can be done the same and Heather has found her clients going deeper, getting the same or better results. The 20 students she trained in 2020 are all totally online proficient and is the highest percentage of all of her graduates that are currently building successful practices!


You will learn the how-to’s for online and in-person sessions.


Cara Spence

"The online platform was well organized and administered. The instructor provided a strong sense of confidence in the applicability of using online format for training and practice."

"This course has profoundly changed my life. I experienced deep states of hypnosis which resulted in behaviour change and a fundamental difference in my perspective on several difficult elements in my own life. This outcome was as valuable as the training itself."

Beyond Essentials with the Hypno Heather Advantage

✔️ Certifications of knowledge & competency

✔️ Modernized lessons for how to make techniques more efficient & effective 

✔️ Learn to confidently hold space for others from a place of knowing that their subconscious mind holds the keys to their healing and that you have everything in you to help guide them

✔️ The only trainer in Saskatchewan backed by a governing body of hypnotism, the Saskatchewan Chapter of Hypnotherapists est. 2016

✔️ Core values of professionalism & integrity

✔️ A ​20-hour practicum assignment for after class to secure your knowledge and skill from the start

✔️ Continued support and opportunities for exposure, continued education and success after the class

✔️ Trainer Heather Keys with over 8 years of hypnotism training and 120+ students and a 11-year hypnotherapy practice where she has learned hands-on what works and what doesn’t

✔️ Specializes in guiding her students & mentees how to tune in and trust their own innate wisdom and that of the client for a less stressful, more effective hypnosis session that creates amazing results!



Continued Support is available in the following ways:

⭐️ Eligibility for membership in the Saskatchewan Chapter of Hypnotherapists, the only governing body for hypnotists in Saskatchewan,  and get the chance to be part of a public presence for growing awareness, self-promotion, practice, and learning!

⭐️ Private Facebook group for the (Alumni) past and present students of Heather’s for continued connection with peers and a resource for asking questions as you move forward with your practice.

⭐️ Access to a Resource Drive of materials that she has gathered over the last 11 years and regularly updates.

⭐️ The opportunity to join The Hypnosis Healers Club! The club is an ongoing, weekly mentorship collective for hypnosis practitioners that helps you leverage your intuitive, innate wisdom to build a thriving business that makes money & brings healing to the world.

⭐️ Access to 1:1 Coaching with Heather to accelerate the start of your practice and to get any inner limitations that may be getting in the way of your success and your successful hypnosis business!


Book a call to chat with Heather here!

Certification with the ICBCH

The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a worldwide hypnosis association organization that provides education to the public and professionals via live training classes and home study courses about the benefits of clinical hypnosis, and recognizes hypnosis certification programs and hypnotherapy certification courses.

It was created to set international standards of excellence and to promote clinical hypnotherapy and related fields of social science. Our broadest goals are to insure quality hypnosis training opportunities and help enhance the standing of clinical hypnotherapy. Our narrower focus is to assist individuals and organizations in being recognized for achieving a level of quality within the field of hypnotherapy.

Attend Hypnosis Essentials and you will receive Certification as a Certified Professional Hypnotist with the ICBCH. Upon successful completion of the hands-on, interactive course and adhering to the code of ethics, you will receive a valuable package of textbooks, a digital resource video library, a certificate suitable for framing, and your first year's membership with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

With 7 years of training experience and over 120 students trained Heather Rodriguez is very proud to offer her premiere course designed by her, within the guidelines, containing resources from the ICBCH and packed full of the things she knows makes for a confident hypnosis practitioner! 

She can’t wait to certify her new students through a progressive organization like the ICBCH. Our mission is to advance the dialogue of personal change through hypnosis with evidence-based strategies. The hypnosis profession has advanced dramatically in the last several decades, and you owe it to yourself to attend a course that is up-to-date not only in the techniques being trained but also the methodology of learning.

Private Facebook Group

Just for this class! Re-watch all of the videos from the live sessions, ask questions and be supported and encouraged. Use the rooms to do practice sessions with other students.


Opportunity to Join Momentum

Four weeks into the training you will be eligible to join Heather’s mentoring group Momentum. Momentum is an ongoing, weekly mentorship collective for hypnosis practitioners that helps you leverage your intuitive, innate wisdom to build a thriving business that makes money & brings healing to the world. 

Full Membership Access

222 pages packed with theories, scripts and techniques that worked for her success over the years.

Heather's Manual

222 pages full of all of the stuff that worked for her success over the years.

CBCH Student Resources

You receive your first year of membership, several books, and a digital video resource library to jump-start your education and career as a hypnotist.

Free Webinar

3 ways to Build Momentum In Your Hypnosis Business To Get You Going Right From The Start!


You will also receive a certificate of competency from Hypno Heather and Momentum Hypnosis Training & Mentoring!


This is proof that you not only learned the information but that you are COMPETENT in doing it.

Book a call to chat with Heather here!

Bobbi Gorsalitz

Heather is an amazing hypnotist and watching her work is truly magical. To be part of her training class was a fabulous experience. She is extremely knowledgeable/experienced and her energy and kindheartedness makes her easy to learn from. I look forward to more training from her.

Patricia Fosty

I knew this course would be a game changer for life and wow, it is! Heather shows up everyday with a smile that beams and a contagious laughter. Her wisdom and knowledge goes far beyond any books and her teaching style is exciting and fun. Heather holds a sacred space for each and every student as you dive deep within your own journey of internal transformation. The magic begins here!

Scott Girard

Heather's training was even better than I expected. She had me realize my own unique potential through hypnosis and I developed a deep understanding of how this could be used to help everyone that I come into contact with in my own business. Heather's teaching style is very unique and very powerful in helping to understand the material. I would suggest this for any professional coach, life coach, consultant, mentor and anyone that helps people with their own personal development.

Join the next class to take your hypno career to new levels of success!

Starting October 22nd, 2022

Please check the dates at the top of this page for scheduling and participation details.

$5300 $3890 is your full tuition for the course and digital access to materials.

Save 1410 CAD!!

Class is limited to 12 participants.

EARLY BIRD | One Payment

$3890 CAD



EARLY BIRD | Payment Plan Available

$649 CAD



Holly Thompson, Howlister Moon

"From the moment I entered the Zoom Room to the end of the last class, Heather had me super en-gaged and excited to learn in a supportive learning environment. The combination of Heather’s passion for Hypnosis and teaching really shines through as she walks you through every step of the class utilizing her years’ experience. I feel confident in the skills I have learned and feel ready to integrate hypnosis into my practice."

Refund Policy

All requests for refunds MUST be submitted in writing via email to [email protected] and RECEIVED no later than 11:59 PM PST by the dates listed below. Written requests for refunds will be processed as follows:

Received 14 days prior to the first day of class – Full refund, less a $500 per person non-refundable deposit.

Received after the 14 day deadline  – No refunds unless the class is cancelled.

No refunds will be made after the first day the course begins.  

At the discretion of the instructor, a student who leaves mid-course for personal reasons may be reinstated where s/he left off during the next term of classes at that level provided not more than one year has passed.